The unique camp Vrbovica is located on the very coast in Žrnovska Banja. Vrbovica is at the eastern part of the island of Korčula, 6 km away from the town of Korčula.

The camp is well known for its enclosed beach, pleasant and quiet atmosphere and lush nature. Guests can use these facilities: fridges, restrooms and cooking facilities.

The excellent location regarding the other tourist attractions made this camp a favourite camping destination. The camp owner also organises trips on his boat.

Inside the camp there is a restaurant where you can enjoy seafood specialities.


Korcula Island undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. Here are perhaps more legends, tales and monuments than anywhere else.

The island has a number of famous towns including Korcula, Lumbarda and Vela Luka. The oldest written monument in Croatia, the "Lumbardska psefizma", in Greek, was found in Lumbarda.

According to legend, Korcula was established by the Trojan hero Anthenor in the 12th century BC. Korcula is, after Lokrum and Mljet, the third most densely wooded island of Croatia. There is much evidence of a highly-developed social life on Korcula even in the 13th century. The Statute of Korcula, signed in 1214, prohibited the slave trade for the first time in Europe. It also spoke about the order and management of the city. The famous travel writer, Marco Polo, was, according to sources, born in Korcula.

Camping in Croatia

Croatia is a land of beautiful nature. Wherever you go you’ll always be close to a national park, a nature park or a natural attraction that will amaze you.

Campers discovered Croatia in the very first days of camping in Europe. Even in the years when the trip to the Adriatic was a real adventure, when it took almost 24 hours for a caravan to arrive from the Western Europe to the nearest island, campers were coming to Croatia. And every year there were more and more of them. The same is today.

Adapting to the needs of their guests the hosts were becoming more organised more hospitable through the years. Providing new facilities and services they were attracting more guests but they also built the image of Croatia as an ideal camping destination.

Robinson Style House Rasohatica

Location: Bay of Rasohatica.
Capacity: 8+1 person.

Three rooms with double bad.
One room with two singe beds.
One additional bed.